Caring SMS Messages

Caring SMS Messages

Are you a caring person? Do you put certain people’s happiness before your own? Are there some people whose happiness means a lot to you because you know they deserve it? Sometimes you want to go out of your way for people because you know the importance of a smile and a caring hand. Continue sending Caring SMS messages and bringing people that joy which only you can.

I will never stop Caring


Risk more than others think is Safe

Risk more than others think is safe.
Care more than others think is wise.
Dream more than others think is practical.
Expect more than others think is possible.

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Someone who Cares

Don'T Ignore
The Effort
Of A Person
Who Tries To
Keep In Touch,
It'S Not All
The Time
Someone Cares.

How much you Love and Care

Don't wait until it's too late
to tell someone
how much you love,
hoe much you care,
when they're gone
no matter how loud
you shout and cry,
they won't hear you anymore.

Just because I Love You

I love you,
not because of
what you have
but because of what I feels..
I care for you,
not because
you need care
but because I want to..
I'm always here for you,
not because..
I want you to be with me
but because
I want to be with you..!

The Perfect One..!

The Perfect guy is not
the one who has the
most money or the most
handsome one you'll meet.
He is the one who
knows how to make
you smile and will
take care of you
each and everyday
until the end of Time.

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When someone Cares for us

"When some1 cares for us,
we think they r boring us.
Bt when we really need them,
someone else have already liked their boring care!!"
Realize it b4 u lose.

Tumhari Khushi Me Hi Meri Khushi Hai

You don’t know wat i feel when you sad ,,
You don’t know wat i feel when you cry ,,
I have feeling for you all the time ,,
I care you a lot n a lot ,,,
I always want to be happy and keep smile on my face
and this is possible when you smile and be happy
bcoz ur happiness is mine and
ur smile makes my smile
so pls be happy and keep smiling

The most Caring person I ever met

I Wanted To Tell You,
In Words Of My Own;
You're The Most Precious Person,
That I've Ever Known.

You're The Most Caring Person,
That I've Ever Met;
There's No One Like You,
And That I Can Bet.

Care for the people who Deserve

Attitude Rocks:
"Care for the people, who deserve it.."
Bcoz We are not jokers to entertain everybody...


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