Facebook SMS Messages

Facebook SMS Messages

Facebook! Our friends are on Facebook, our family is on Facebook, even people we don’t really know are in our friend’s list on Facebook! Every waking moment we are logged on to Facebook, and every moment that we are not, we are thinking about Facebook. So, send a Facebook SMS messages now and celebrate Facebook.

Funny Facebook Status

Amrican Lady updated her facebook status
We Met
Fel Madly in Luv
Got Engagd
Hd a Lovly Tym
Thn things Turnd Sour
V Seperatd
Wat a busy weekend it was.

Medical Entrance Exam

When I was young I decided to go to
medical school.
At the entrance exam, we were asked
to rearrange the alphabets
and form the name of an important
human body which is most useful
when erect.
Those who answered SPINE are doctors
today, while the rest are on Facebook..

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Benifits of Facebook and Twitter

Banta: Santa, why are you always
on Facebook?
Santa: I like Facebook & I'm owaz
there for one
thing. It's the
only place were u can like
another man's wife
without getting slapped.
Banta: So, what about Twitter,
why are you always
there too?
Santa: Twitter is the only place
you can follow
another man's wife for free

Prediction of Jawaharlal Nehru

"At the stroke of the midnight
hour, when the world
sleeps India will awake ..." ~
Jawaharlal Nehru.
P.S: Nehru ji predicted about
Engineering Students &
Facebook in 1947.

Facebook Flirt..!

Boy sends friend request
to a Girl on Facebook:
Girl:"Kaun ho tum ??
Boy:"Hasrat tumhari..
Girl:"Chahte kya ho ??
Boy:"Mohhabat tumhari..
Girl:"Pachtaoge tum..
Boy:"Kismat hamari..
Girl:"Married hoon main...:p
Boy:"To Status single se hata
Manhoos Naari.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan In Facebook Style

Jab Tak Hai Jaan In FB Style...!!!
Teri profile ki rangeen mastiya...
Teri DP ki beparvah gusthakiya..
Teri cover ki leharati angdaiya...
Nahi bhulunga me.. Jab tak hai jaan...
Jab tak hai jaan.... tera friendlist se remove karna..
Tere mutual friends ka rukh modna..
Tera palat ke fir request na bhejana..
Nahi maf karunga mai.. Jab tak hai jaan....
Jab tak hai jaan...... inbox me tere bedhadak msg karne se...
Bat bat pe bewajha tere offline hone se...
Choti choti teri replies se...
Mohabbat karunga me... Jab tak hai jaan.....
Jab tak hai jaan...... tere jhute relationship status se...
Tere jalte sulagte quotes se...
Teri bereham updates se...
Nafrat karunga mai.. Jab tak hai jaan....
Jab tak hai jaan.....

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Upvas in a Modern Style

"Upvas" in new style:-
Livng 1 day widout
Ye upvas kar k dekho,
GOD dharti par Aake kahenge
"Bas kar Pagale.. Ab rulayga kya".!!.

Rajnikanth Poked Mark Zuckerberg

*Latest News*
Facebook Is Being Closed This Friday Because:
Mark Zuckerberg - (Chief Executive Officer & President Of Facebook)
Has Been Hospitalized With Serious Injuries,
After Rajnikanth Poked Him On Facebook !!!!

Facebook Era

Dad writes on sons wall:
Son, Hw r u?
Ur Mom & I m fine & v mis u a lot.
V wish 2 c u.
So Plz turn off ur PC
& cum dwnstairs 4 dinner =):-):-)

Similarity in Life and Facebook

Life is much like Facebook.
People will like your problems & comment
but no one's gonna solve them.
Because everybody seems
so busy in updating their own!


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