Funny Messages for Friends

Everyone has that one friend who is the butt of every joke, the loud comic, the one who makes you laugh, the funny one. Being funny is hard work, it requires being a bit insulting, sarcastic, jolly, witty, and so much more. Well, you don’t have to do any of the hard work. All you have to do is send Funny Messages to your friends and loved ones.

A Good Laugh with Friends

Having a good laugh
with friends stimulates endorphins,
The brain's natural painkillers.
So if you need to laugh
and you can't find a friend,
I can lend you a mirror.

Funny Emotional Sms

When things go Wrong.
When sadness fills your Heart
When tears flow in your Eyes.
Always remember 3 things
I am with you.
You have money
Bar is open, lets go.

Asked for Lipstick

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DAD: Dear son..
why your sister sitting so silent
SON:Nothing dad sister asked
lipstik, but i gave fevistik.
No chip chip
no chik chik

Cigrate Ne Luta Bidi Me Kaha Dum Tha

Hume To Cigrate Ne Luta Bidi Me Kaha Dum Tha
Apni Kasti B Waha Dubi Jaha Wisky Ka Drum Tha
Hum Tab B Nikl Aaye
Qki Hmari Deshi Me Bahut Dum Tha

Similarity between Chewing gum and Begum

What's the similarity between
chewing gum & begum(wife) ??

Both are sweet at the beginning
become tasteless, shapeless and chipku in the eNd..

Chatting On Facebook

Ufff Ye English !!!
Boy and girl chatting on FACEBOOK
Girl: din bhar online
rahte hai.. chutiya hai kya..
Boy: Tu hogi chutiya
tera pura khandan chutiya aur
Facebook tere bapp ka hai
Girl: after 3-4 minutes I was jst
asking about holidays....

Karwa Chauth Karti Tumhari Biwi

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“Na jane kyu rhe rhe ke
ek baat hume bahut satati hai,
karwa chauth karti hai tumhari bibi
umar humari kyu bad jati hai.”

A man sipping Whiskey

A man was sipping his whiskey,
while sitting on the balcony
with his wife and he says,
"I love you so much,
I don't know how
I could ever live without you."
The wife asks, "Is that you,
or the whiskey talking?".;;)
He replies, "It's me....talking to the whiskey.

Airport Par Biwiyo Ka Intezar

3 log airpot p khde
apni apni biwiyo ka intezar kr rhe te....:)
Pathan- vo dekho hmari shaahzadi aa rhi h....:>
Pappu - vo dekho hmari bhi nawabzadi aa rhi h...:p
Santa- vo dekho hmari bhi haramzadi aa rhi hai

Five shots of Vodka

They say milk gives you strength
so I drank 5 glasses and
still couldn't move a wall,
I tried 5 shots of vodka
and saw the wall move by itself!


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