Good Morning SMS Messages

Good Morning SMS Messages

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the day is just on the brink of beginning. The list of things to do is piling, and on the top of that list is to keep someone smiling. So, send them a Good Morning SMS message to let them know that you are thinking of them and hope they start their day with a good morning.

Kindness is a Language

is a language
that the deaf can hear
and the blind can see.

One song change a Moment

One song
can change a moment
One idea
can change a world
One step
can start a journey
but a prayer
can change even
the impossible...

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Could not do Something Yesterday

Just Because You
Couldn'T Do Something Yesterday
Doesn'T Mean
You Can'T Achieve It Today
You'Re One Day Stronger Today

When God Answers

when You
Expect It.

To be without Worry

To be without worry is the
live every moment with ease
*---*GOOD MORNING*---*

Faith is like Wi-Fi

Faith is like Wi-Fi
It's invisible, but it has the
power to connect you
to what you need.

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To Live in this World

The Only
Way To Live In This
World Is
Without Rules.

Make your Soul Happy

Take time to do
what makes your soul
Good Morning

Every new day is a Gift

Every new day is a gift.
The longer you wait to open it,
The smaller it gets!
Good Morning!

A Few Good Thoughts

A few good thoughts
1> pray as if everything depends on god
& work as everything depends on you.
2> to handle yourself use ur head;
to handle others use ur heart.
3> do not lose head in success
& heart in failure.
4> beauty and colour may attract the eye
but only a smile appeals to the heart….


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