Missing You Messages

Missing You SMS Messages

Somebody once said, “Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will”. So, remind them that out of sight need not mean out of mind, send them a Missing You SMS, because an SMS is the easiest way to say I miss you.

The Value of Something

It's true that we don't know what
we've got until we lose it, but it's also
true that we don't know what we've
been missing until it arrives.

What I think all the Time

Do u know what i say,
what i think all d time.
U want to know?

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Life - Keep it simple silly

Missing somebody? .....Call
Wanna meet up? ...... Invite
Wanna be understood? ...... Explain
Have questions? ...... Ask
Don't like something? ...... Say it
Like something? ...... State it
Want something? ...... Ask for it
Love someone? ..... Tell it

Nobody will know whats
going on in your Mind...
Its better to Express
rather than to Expect...
You already have the NO,
take the risk of getting YES

We just have one Life -
Keep it Simple Silly... :D

My Heart whispering your Name

I heard someone whisper your name,
But when I turned around to see who it was,
I noticed I was alone,
Then i realised it was
my heart telling me that i MISS u..

I Miss you without a reason

I miss you when there's no reason to,
how much more if there was?
I miss you when we talk,
how much more if we don't?
I miss you after we're together,
how much more if I see you never?
I love you now, how much more later?

Your Friend Missing you a lot

Dear Customer,
We would like to inform you
that your true friend Mr/Mrs___
is missing u a lot.
Thank you.

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Hum Aapka Intzaar Karte Hain

Door waadiyon mein dhundley badal
chupkar parbat se milne
ka intzaar karte hain,
Dil mein tamaam hasartein liye
hum aapka intzaar karte hain

The sun with a warmest Smile

The sun rises into the sky
with the warmest smile,
he wishes you a good morning,
hoping that you have the perfect day.
Take care & miss you.

Jo Ap Hame Bhul Gaye

Sabera kya hua sitaron ko bhul gaye
Suraj kya aya chandni ko bhul gaye.
Bitaye kya kuch pal hamare siwa
jo ap hame bhul gaye

Koi Tumain Bohat Yaad Karte Hai

Ay hawa__
Tujy qasam hy chandni rat ki_
Ab ke bar___
Jo shehar-e-wafa sy guzar ho to___
Sargoshiyon main usy itna kehna__
koi tumain bohat YAAD KARTE Hai


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