Cute Messages

I will be there for you

Cute Lines:
When you get a friend better than Me,
just go with them... I wont stop you,
but when they leave you....
just look back....
I will be there for you..

Your eyes give me Butterflies

I think about you always,
and the way you make me smile.
like when I look into your eyes,
it gives me butterflies.
When you hold me in your arms n
when my lips connect with yours,
its a feelin that I cant explain because
I never felt like that before.

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When you need me...Let me know

If your heart is broken tell me,
I will get the glue.
If your lost in life then call me,
I'll come and look for you.
If your sad then u must text me,
its my job to make you smile.
If your happy let me know
and we\'ll celebrate Vodka style!!

When someone never forgets you

It feels nice when some1 misses u,
feels good when some1 loves u.
feels better when some1's with u.
But it feels the best
when some1 never 4gets u.

You Are So Sweet

You are so sweet you make da sugar jealous,
you are so hot you make the sun feel cold but
best of all you are so cute
you make da teletubbies look evil.

My eyes admiring your Beauty

Forgive my eyes 4 admiring your beauty.
U stole my heart the moment U looked at me,
call me crazy call me insane
every time my heart beats
it mentions your name.

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People who are Loveable by nature

Lets talk...
about people who are Nice & Elegant..
about people who r cute & Beautiful..
about people who r Loveable by nature..
Lets talk about people like "U"..!

Holding you till the End

Don't close ur door wn u feel alone,
Don't close ur heart wen u wan 2 luv,
An don't ever close ur hands wen u need me
coz I vil b holding u till d end.

Can't get Rid of your Soul

When U Love Someone.
U make Him/Her a part of Ur soul.
U can get rid of Ur body but
U can never get Rid Of Ur Soul.

Tears are special than Smiles

Tears r special than smyls bcz
smyls u giv 2 any1 bt
tears u share wt ppl u love


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